Hosanna Design has closed

About two years ago we envisioned a series of minimalistic, beautifully designed posters and other products to inspire followers of Christ in their everyday walk of faith. It's been a great journey to see that idea becoming a reality with this store and we feel blessed that we got to do this!

Despite our best attempts to keep this business going, the times have been tough for all of us because of the situation worldwide. Maintaining an online brand, products and store with a small audience at these times means that it's really hard to make it profitable. So we have come to the unfortunate decision to close down the store permanently.

We've learnt a lot from this gig and we enjoyed designing the products and setting up an online storefront. Now we feel that it's time for us to put our energy and effort in those projects that we feel stronger in our hearts have a greater potential to help spread God's love, joy and peace in our world.

Thank you to all of our supporters

A big thank you to all of our customers who have bought our products! We love that you were our supporters and hope that the products have become a source of joy in your lives. We hope that you'll get to follow us in our upcoming projects and that our paths may cross again.

If you're still interesting in ordering any of our posters after the closing date, get in touch at hello@lionswool.com or on Instagram! We'll still be able to ship the products to you.

What happens next?

Our plan for the near future is to keep investing more of our effort in our app, Prayminder and continue improving it. Prayminder has proven to be a great help for thousands of people, with more than 3.5 million prayers being prayed in over 180 countries. We look forward to seeing the app grow even more and get to help more and more people around the world.

If you'd like to keep in touch with us, follow us on Instagram at @EmmaPanos where we'll be posting more about what we're working on. Thank you and bless you!